T Kolai : Zouk mp3

year: 2003
genre: house

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FEEDBACKS for "Zouk" album:
admursh-music said:
Yesterday I with friends went on lake to bathe and sunbathe under the sun, with myself have taken music T Kolai everyone were simply in delight from their album Zouk !!!
Afonina-jazz said:
T Kolai they professionals and all is told by it!!!
BKT & Del said:
One of these days simply sky and the ground compared to the friend creativity T Kolai with T Kolai it!!!
Metallfan-rock said:
When I wish to have a rest well I include music T Kolai and rest goes well!
asodax-Hip-hop said:
Always wished to hear from them T Kolai that that new and explosive and here their album Zouk simply fantasy!!!
Imagemaker-Lyric said:
I wish to tell all that I simply in delight from Zouk - T Kolai their music simply out of competition!!!
jip-Rap said:
Music T Kolai always was and now is out of competition!!!
Alexey-Lyric said:
Always wished to listen that to that powerful and here has bought to itself in musical shop Zouk - T Kolai it simply explosions of a thunder!
allex-Lyric said:
I wish all of you to admit that Zouk - T Kolai simply dements me!
courier said:
Music T Kolai it simply fire, explosion and hurricane!!!
blackeyed-Rap said:
From a new album Zouk - T Kolai the song has simply fascinated me! I shall buy now all its albums.
Ortim-hip-hop said:
For a long time searched that for that especial as a hobby. Zouk - T Kolai me have simply fascinated... I now their fan!
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